Sales Representative - Commission (Ambassador)


Location: Queens, NY, 11201
Employee Type: full time
Experience: 2 - 5 years
Education: Highschool GED
Travel Required: 60%


Purpose: Responsible for operating company routes, and/or open and vacation territories. Perform proper distribution and customer relations as directed by Branch Sales Manager. Selected candidate will cover the areas of Metro New York and based out of Queens.


Essential Functions: Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  Learning and using the basic fundamentals of the route sales and direct store delivery system including, display, merchandising, time schedule/callbacks, space and position, customer relations, and distribution/settlement.  Know your customers by name, their store policies that affect you, and their basic wants and needs for the baked foods department.  Establish a sound, professional relationship with key personnel. Maintain a professional personal appearance, including uniform dress, hygiene and grooming.  Maintain accurate vehicle records, etc.  Maintain stales within set quotas. Check assigned truck prior to loading.  Keep it clean and in good repair; report weekly.  Secure load to prevent product damage. Maintain knowledge of your competition, including pricing, products, space and position, people, displays, account stability, etc.  Learn the product freshness code system and never leave out-of-code product in an account.  Maintain cleanliness of work area, vehicle, etc. Manage your time wisely and always make callbacks to ensure maximum sales and promote positive customer relations.  Practice and comply with all company policies and procedures (EEO, Harassment, Safety, Sarbanes Oxley, etc.).  The driving of company vehicles and/or personal vehicles in furtherance of company business must be done in a manner that is consistent with all DOT and state requirements.  
Non-Essential Functions:  Performance of other duties which are deemed by management to be an integral part of the job, including but not limited to fulfillment of work schedules, adherence to attendance policies, and other applicable operating rules, policies and procedures.
Technical Skills:  Ability to learn and use the handheld computer system.
Analytical Skills:  Review route analysis weekly for identification of problems and opportunities. 
Communication Skills:  Ability to generate written communications.  Requires constant interaction with work group and other departments at the primary work location.
Physical Requirements:  Ability to enter and exit step van on routine basis.  Ability to exert force necessary to lift, maneuver and move an average load of 255 lbs. to/from ware-house to truck and to/from truck to customer service area.  Lifting from various positions, on the average 25 lbs or more.  Ability to utilize lifting, stooping and bending motion to dismantle and transfer product to customer shelves at height of 1 - 7 ft.


Education & Experience: High School Diploma or equivalent. One (1) or more years of experience in sales environment preferred.DSD experience required.



Tasty Baking Company