Temporary Inventory Sales Clerk Hourly West Chester


Location: West Chester, DE, 19382
Employee Type: full time
Experience: 2 - 5 years
Education: Highschool GED
Travel Required: none


Purpose: To ensure product returned to the sales center location is accounted for and is properly safeguarded, this includes material handling, receiving, stacking, paperwork and record keeping


Essential Functions: • Secure all returned product at the sales center. • Check incoming returned product to ensure it agrees to the distributors ticket paperwork. Communicate all discrepancies to branch manager. • Sort returned product and prepare product for pickup by Company representative. • Identify returned product that can be sold as thrift and provide branch manager with listing for Non-Essential • Responsible for housekeeping and maintaining work area. • Performs any related warehouse duties as directed such as trash removal. • Other duties as assigned. their action Communication Skills: • Must be comfortable with dealing with business owners and sales representatives. • Must be able to read and write English proficiently.
Technical Skills: • Basic computer skills required. Knowledge of Excel, Word, and SAP. Physical Requirements: • Ability to exert force necessary to use a handtruck to transport stacked products weighing (40 lbs). Continuously throughout the day into and out of transport trucks and low boy humps, up and down ramps with slopes up to 30N, 24' high. Ability to routinely stoop, bend, and lift product containers weighing (20 lbs), from floor level up to 90'. Education & Experience: • High School diploma or GED. Must have demonstrated ability to read, comprehend and record information applicable to the job. One year shipping or related experience preferred. Working Conditions: • Warehouse Environment



Tasty Baking Company
Navy Yard Corporation Center,3 Crescent Drive, Suite 200

Philadelphia, PA 19112-1017